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The last 6 years have been undoubtedly pretty momentous for the Aero Club. The reluctant sale of the old club rooms at Palmerston North Airport and the decision to move across to Feilding, followed closely by the purchase of our Tecnam Sierra and the events of the last year.

In the middle of 2015, the committee of the Aero Club (MDAC) received an invitation from the Manawatu Microlight Club (MCC) to discuss areas of common interest. It has long been a popular view that the numerous reactional aviation clubs are far more secure working together rather than recreating the same thing at several places on one airfield. The MDAC committee was receptive to the idea and a joint working group was formed from both clubs to map out a way forward.

It was apparent quickly that both clubs were reasonably equal in terms of members, capital & assets and were both debt free. Also both clubs had a long history that needed to be preserved and the best way ahead was to merge both clubs into a new organisation that would not only incorporate the history of both clubs but also their cultures. Hence the idea of what is now the Manawatu Aviation Club (MAC) was born.

On the 15th May the formation meeting of the Manawatu Aviation Club was held, officers were elected and the proposed constitution was ratified. Over the next few months the process of combining the MMC and MDAC into the Manawatu Aviation Club will take place in more detail.

I am at pains to assure all the members past and present that the 88-year long history of the MDAC must and will be preserved. Treasures, trophies and recorded history are safe and will be maintained. Honorary life members have their status carried across into the new club as do all current financial members.

To all those members that put so much effort and work into the MDAC and MCC and gave it the rich culture that perseveres today, thank you and please know that this has given the new club the strongest possible base to grow and succeed from.

I wish Grant Hadfield, the new president of the MAC, well and am looking forward to supporting our new club endeavour over the coming years.

For further information or feedback on the proposals, please feel free to contact any member of the aero clubs committee.

Matt McCarty
President MDAC

Change of Address

Posted on : July 01

Please note that with immediate effect, the clubs postal address has changed to: P.O. Box 203, Feilding

Merger of MDAC and MMC

Posted on : May 29

On 15th May the Manawatu Aviation Club (MAC) was formed as ratified by two SGMs, a constitution was agreed and initial club officers elected. The new club was incorporated on 26th May and merger activities are proceeding well. This represents the combined membership, total resources and high aspirations of both the Manawatu Districts Aero Club and the neighbouring Manawatu Microlight Club.

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